n. Night of the full moon. When this moon set before daylight it was called Hoku Palemo, Hoku that slips away. When it set after daylight it was called Hoku Ili, grounded Hoku. (Malo 32.) Cf. hōkū, star. Ka mahina o Hoku, the full moon of the night Hoku. (PEP (F,S)otu.) (Pukui)

Tonight is the mahina Hoku. Go take a look. Big and round. Hoku is the 15th moon of the cycle. I love a mahina piha (full moon) night. The trees are visible, and there is a lot of energy in the air, hopefully put to good use. It is a good time for planting. I didn’t get my kumquat in the ground on the hua night but I will try for tonight, weather permitting. Tomorrow is going to be my last chance. Tomorrow is Māhealani. If it doesn’t get in the ground tomorrow, that buggah is going to stay in its current pot for one more month.

Dont confuse the name of tonight’s moon with the word, hōkū, which means star. Two different words! All made different by the pronunciation.

Nui nā hōkū i ka lani me ka mahina Hoku – There are many stars in the sky with the Hoku moon.

Take a look at what is blooming right now where you are. Then revisit next Hoku moon and see what has changed. Right now the lehua trees in my yard are going CRAZY with pua! It is like  fire in my trees! And my lilikoʻi are just starting to flower. I wish I had mango but my place is way too cold but I know mangoes are looking like my picture down below. Moni ka haʻae – my mouth is watering!

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